What Has Been Left Behind is Fr. Cole Hartin's debut collection of poetry. These poems center around priestly ministry rooted in a particular place. Hartin's meditative and thoughtful verses explore what it means to be a pastor in a small parish on Canada's rugged east coast in the ruins of Christendom.

What Has Been Left Behind brings together the sorrow and beauty of Christian ministry.

How did Anglicans read the Bible 200 years ago?

This book invites the reader into the world of nineteenth-century Anglican biblical interpretation. It draws on sermons, memoirs, and commentaries to show the interesting, compelling, and sometimes confusing ways that Anglicans read the Bible. The book contains new research on Charles Simeon, Benjamin Jowett, John Keble, Christina Rossetti, F.D. Maurice, Richard Chenevix Trench, and many others.